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A tale of love, loss and betrayal that put me in such a state of insanity I gave Destiny a 9/10! - IGN

This game touched me deeply. I'm filing for sexual harassment. - Polygon

Based on real life events

When the world famous Harambe The Gorilla falls in love with the boy with blonde hair it seemed like everything had fallen into place, however a ghost from their past is out to destroy their future together. Will these star-crossed lovers surpass their troubles and make it through? Either way, there's plenty of monkey madness ahead!

This game was created within 2 weeks as part of the "My First Game Jam" event. I had never dabbled with the engine Ren'py before, so I gave that a shot and this particular experiment resulted in this utter masterpiece being spewed out.

There are 3 possible endings in this game, so try and find them all!

Have fun!

Install instructions

Extract from archive and run exe




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This game was a lot more intricate than I thought it was going to be. I can tell you had a lot of fun making it. You really got me to want to punch Takosu in the face. I still do. Thanks? 

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This is a beautiful story. I'm surprised there are three endings to this lol.


What a wild ride, I cried at the ending I got.